THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF ZERO: All the poetry collections, as well as all the unpublished poems of Yannis Yfantis, in one volume. The transformations of Zero; because, all the numbers and all the letters are transformations of that magic shape that is called Zero; because, all the poems and all the creatures, are transformations of Zero, (i.e. of Nobody), being faces of Maya, the Great Illusion, inside which we live, whether we realize it or not; “Under the Icon of the Stars”, among the “Masks of Nothing”.
Recently published (September 2022), by Odos Panos Editions.



“Manthraspenta”: Word-incantation, word-creator. Sound-wise at least, it means the presence of the spirit, the shock of the bow, or the passing of the lightning. In zoroastric mythology it is referred to as follows: “When the spirit of the Good wanted to beat Chaos (or the beings of Chaos) it enunciated the omnipotent word “Manthraspenta””.

In the poems of this book prevails the element of fire (and the sun).

Manthraspenta was published for the first time in 1977. This present cover belongs to the fourth edition, which is no longer available to purchase. This book is now part of the volume “ The transformations of Zero ” which is forthcoming.



“The Mirror of Proteus”: The mirror-water, the mirror-paper, etc. Every poem is one of the transformations of the Proteus-poet.
In the poems of this book prevails the element of water (and the all-blooming silence of the eternal Night).
“The Mirror of Proteus” was first published in 1986. This present cover belongs to the third edition, which is no longer available to purchase. The book is now part of the forthcoming volume “The transformations of Zero”.



Poems cynical, sarcastic, aiming at the root of human psychology, occasionally evoking explosive laughter. It is the mirror I bring in front of the human monster, as the only weapon for its self-awareness, or its extermination.                           
(From an interview with the poet)

“Poems Embroideries on Devil’s Skin” was first published in 1988. Today it is part of the forthcoming volume “The transformations of Zero”. It is also available by ZITI publications. Armenopoulou 27, 54635, Thessaloniki, tel. 2310-203720: http://www.ziti.gr , e-mail: orders@ziti.gr.  Athens: Asklipiou 60, tel. 210 3816650. Also available to purchase at “Book’s Arcade” («Στοάτουβιβλίου»), Pesmazoglou 5,105 64.



“Temple of Cosmos”: The Cosmos, with everything it contains, is nothing but a temple, where each being is High-priest.
When the solar yellow and the sea-blue are united, they give us the green of the book’s cover, namely, the colour of eternal Nature.
TheTemple of Cosmos” was first published in 1996 by DELFINI publications.  Today it is part of the forthcoming volume “The transformations of Zero”.



This book mirrors that part of the sky which contains the constellations of the Bears, which Heraclitus calls “Signs of Immortal Memory”.
In this book (in which intervenes the constellation of the Dragon that stretches among the Bears) the word “reading» - anagnosi («ανάγνωση») re-acquires its initial meaning which is “ana-gnosi” («ανά-γνωση»), i.e. “re-knowledge”. Words and numbers, letters and punctuation signs, carried away by the love of Memory and Zeus, resume their initial position, creating the paradise of language, creating poetry, the Word of Cosmos.
Oedipus, on the face of the Sphinx, recognises himself. And man, united with Life («Ζωή»), becomes eventually what he truly is, a Zeus.
(From an interview with the poet)

It was first published in 1987.
Fourth Edition, "Odos Panos" Editions, Didotou 39 & Ippokratous, 10650, Athens. Email: chronas@otenet.gr



This book consists of compositions of photography, drawing and poetry. These compositions, which were eventually called ARCHETYPES, have been presented many times, through exhibitions or slide-projections, both in Greece and abroad, under various titles, such as “Poetry and In-sight”, “The gaze of the poet”, or even “Sources of Poetry”.
I arrived at these compositions by playing. Nevertheless, when presenting them, I had the impression that I reveal again to the people, in the most pleasant way for me and for them, what is poetry and what poet, what is in-sight, and why true poetry, being the universal language of archetypes (contrary to what is being said) is the most translatable language.
Archetypes: Prime (dominant and eternal) types, of which all beings are transformations; formations (imprints) of the basic principles of Matter; incarnation of the dominant laws of the Universe; resemblances of the one archetype, which is called Nature, God, Spirit, Matter, Life (ZΩΗ),    Zeus, Infinite, Chaos, Nothing, Everything (ΠΑΝ), Cosmos.
I will not say more as an introduction, as this book, by itself, constitutes an introduction;   an introduction to the book of Cosmos.
(Extract from the book’s preface)

The book ARCHETYPES was published in October 2001 in a tri-lingual edition (Greek, English,  German) by ZITI publications. Armenopoulou 27, 54635, Thessaloniki, tel. 2310-203720,: http://www.ziti.gr,   e-mail: orders@ziti.gr.  Athens: Asklipiou 60, tel. 210 3816650. Also available to purchase at “Book’s Arcade” («Στοά του βιβλίου»), Pesmazoglou 5,105 64.



True stories, as the poet lived and recorded them. Memories from Agion Oros; dreams and their interpretation; legends and their symbolizations; speeches; conversations with small children; articles about language, poetry, religion, love, anger, myth; text messages. An almanac (a layman’s text) of high level. The treasure of knowledge kept by the dragon who does not bite anyone else but its own tail.
With the company of Yannis Yfantis, “the most blasphemous, but perhaps also the most “entheos” (god-including) poet that exists today”, this book constitutes a passing on the forgotten road that leads to the sight of the primary, where man, from an unsatisfied seeker of the miraculous, becomes a shareholder of the ever present miracle.
(Extract from the book’s back-cover)

Its first edition was by PATAKIS publications in 2003. It is no longer available. Νo longer available.
2nd edition, published in Aug. 2021, ARIADNE EDITIONS
3rd edition, complete. Published in June, 2022 by Odos Panos editions.



Love, never preached dogmas, it did not look for disciples and supporters, it did not try to proselytise anyone, it did not establish a religion in order to be worshipped, it never did a propaganda, it never co-operated with any power in order to impose itself and dominate, it never became the property of any team, any nation, any empire. Nevertheless, all beings, from men to trees and animals, from caterpillars to suns and galaxies, are his followers, they worship him, they serve him, with pleasure. Is he not thus the greatest god?
                                                                         (Extract from the book’s introduction)

This book contains all the love poems of Yannis Yfantis. MELANI publications (Skoufa, 71A, 106 80, Athens, tel. 210-3641638, e-mail: melani@otenet.gr).



The “Ancient Edda” was first published in 1983. Today it is part of the book “The Garden of Poetry” (4,500 years of foreign poetry)”, 2001, PATAKIS publications.



Four thousand five hundred years of foreign poetry. Rarely do so many brilliant poets meet in one garden. Poets from different countries and different eras. Here, the wise Ipo Ur, who comes to us from Egypt of 2,300 BC. Here Sibylla, who brings to us her song from the ancient Icelandic Edda. Here, Li Tai Po, Basho, Lorca, Saint-John Perse, Rimbaud, Holderlin, Pasolini, Ezra Pound, Nietzsche. Here, Omar Khayyamand Ivan Gol, Here, the Magician- poets of Africa. Here T.S. Eliot, the Thousand and One Nights, the Song of Songs, Fernando Pessoa…
Rarely do so many brilliant poets meet in one Garden, all speaking Greek, as only poets can speak it.
      (Extract from the book’s back-cover)

THE GARDEN OF POETRY, is now circulated by Odos Panos Publications, Jan. 2022.



But why are they called mystics (in Greek the word “mystiko” «μυστικό» means “secret”)? Not of course because they are hiding something, but because what they themselves are cannot be taught: You cannot describe to or teach someone the taste of cherry; one must bite the cherry himself. What is secret, is not what is being kept secret, but what is, by its very nature, non-conveyable.
The mystic goes so far, that he eventually reaches his starting point. He travels across the space of confusion, of dogmas and theories and reaches the void, or more correctly, the chaotic space, which exists after the end and before the beginning. The arrival at the chaotic space is a “death in life”. It is the abandonment of every thing. Now he has died in everything and for this reason he can be reborn with everything. Now he does not belong anywhere, he belongs everywhere. He no longer finds himself in thesis or anti-thesis; he is the  thesis and the anti-thesis. He is not a philo-sopher, but he is sophos, he is wise. He is not looking for the meaning of life, but he lives; he himself is life.
(Extract from the book’s back cover)

The book “Mystics of the Orient”, dedicated “to all beings with no exception”, was first published in 1982 (KEDROS). It is now circulated by ODOS PANόS Publications (5th edition, 2021).




The book contains five erotic paintings (copperplates) by Giorgos Stathopoulos, each placed opposite five erotic poems by Yannis Yfantis.
It was published by gallery “Vourkariani” (of Mr. Antonis Dalaretos) at the island of Kea, in August 2002 in 100 numbered copies. .






“Under the icon of the stars”, because in the temple of cosmos, the most wondrous icon, is that of the stars. And also, “Masks of Nothing” (the subtitle), because “all are transformations of Zero, maya…”, as the poet wrote in his first even book, “Manthraspenta” (1977).
The new poetry collection of Yannis Yfantis is very much like the previous ones, but is also totally different. Including 101 poems, 101 dense, rhythmical param`ythia (fairy-tales), or otherwise, 161 pages of “paramyth`ia” (consolation), that we all so much need today.

The book was published in November 2013 by IKAROS publications.





“ON HOMER’S SHORES                    
(3,000 years of Greek poetry)”

At last, inside an easy-to-use volume, the best that has ever been written in the Greek language. (The singing water of Kastalia). From Homer, Hesiod, the Presocratics, the Orphics, and Sappho, to the last oracle of Pythia. From the psalms of Good Friday and the Folklore Song, to the modern activity of the god, who continues to give oracles even outside the Oracle, until our days.

Published by Odos Panos Publications in March 2022.


124 selected poems in Greek and English (Odos Panόs Editions, 2023).






“Manthraspenta” in Italian, PANIERE publications, Verona, 1983, trans. by Crescencio Sanzilio. Introduction by Katerina Aggelaki-Rouk.



The book “Temple of Cosmos” in Bulgarian by AGATHO publishers, Sofia, 2000. Translation and introduction by Stefan Getsef.



The book “Temple of Cosmos” in French by L’HARMATTAN publications, Paris, 2003, trans. by Constance Dima and Jean-Claude Villain. Introduction by Jean-Claude Villain.



The book “MAKS OF NOTHING” (“MASQUES DU NEANT”) is made of clay. It was constructed at Bormes les Mimosas of Coted’Azur, in November 2005, by Marie-Jose Armando*. It consists of 7 pages and is bilingual. The French text was engraved by Ms Armando and the Greek text by the poet himself.
                             * Marie-Jose Armandois a potter and works at the Matisse Museum of Niece.


Τhe book TEMPLE OF COSMOS in Spanish, Audisea Publishers, 2015. Translated by Mario Dominguez Parra.

Available for purchase in both printed and electronic form here:  http://audisea.com.ar/book/templo-del-mundo






The record-company LYRA released in April 2009 the CD “YANNIS YFANTIS READS YFANTI”. Poetry recital. Duration: 73 mins.